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Comprehensive 40-Hour Certificate Program and Advanced Training

Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services

Comprehensive Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training
with Teresa Carey and guest speaker presentations by experts in the field

University of California, Berkeley
(classroom location TBA)

5 Saturdays • March 9, 23, and 30 & April 6 and 13, 2019

40-Hour Certificate of Completion
37.5 hours MCLE credit for attorneys
40 hours of CE credit (4.0 CEU) BRN, LCSW/MFT, and psychologists

Participants learn mediation from the inside out,
come away with valuable communication and conflict-resolution skills,
gain an understanding of best practices,
and learn how to build a successful career in the field.

See Registration page for details.

Learn from Experienced Professionals in the Field

Our mediation training programs are dynamic, relevant, challenging, and enjoyable.  Our goal is simple:  to prepare participants to be skillful and successful mediators, based on our mediation and teaching experience of over 25 years.

These courses will allow you to:
  Develop the knowledge and skills required of an effective mediator
  Understand conflict-resolution theory
  Gain essential practice experience through roleplays of actual cases,
    personalized coaching, debrief, and discussion
  Enhance your communication and people skills
  Explore a range of mediation styles and approaches
  Learn the nuts and bolts of establishing a mediation practice

Comprehensive Program for 40-Hour Certificate of Completion

  •  Essentials of conflict-resolution theory
  •  Negotiations
  •  Interest-based mediation
  •  Spectrum of mediation styles
  •  Essential communication/people skills
  •  Emotional and psychological considerations
  •  Face-to-face mediation and caucusing
  •  Moving through impasse
  •  Intercultural considerations in mediation
  •  Reaching effective agreements
  •  Premediation and follow-up procedures
  •  Negotiating monetary settlements
  •  Effective mediation of business, workplace,
 labor/employment, family, healthcare, real
 estate, construction, land-use, intellectual-
 property, personal-injury, probate/trust,
 intercultural, international, and organizational
  •  Attorney advocacy and fee issues
  •  Insurance issues and representatives
  •  Communication and coping skills: managing
 deadlocks, difficult people, and emotionally
 charged situations

  •  Career options and resources
  •  Managing and marketing your business

Courses include:
Guest-speaker presentations by leading experts in the field
Lecture and discussion
Roleplay exercises based on actual cases
Personalized coaching and feedback by professional mediators
Comprehensive resource materials and mediation forms

"Exceptional.  This is the course with depth, breadth, and substance.
Your accomplishment, skill, ability to teach,
and generosity to the people you are teaching are exceptional."
—N.A., Ph.D., OC manager

"Terrific!  Informative, nonjudgmental, wonderful learning environment.  Exceeded my expectations!"
—S.D., attorney

"Absolutely phenomenal.  I have taken ADR and negotiation classes in law school
but was utterly unprepared for real-life disputes. . . . This course gave me tangible tools
and ample role-play opportunity to build my conflict-resolution abilities."
—E.S., attorney, HR manager

"Excellent.  Positive.  Generated optimism and creativity in my own professional planning."
—E.B., attorney

"Top notch.  This is one of the best-run, most fun, most valuable courses
I've attended.  Exceeded my expectations."
—T.O., technology manager

"The course truly prepared me to better represent my clients in mediation as well as
to prepare me to be an effective and successful mediator."
—M.M., attorney (civil litigation)

"The training gave me concrete tools to use in any conflict situation.  It challenged me to use my intelligence and strategic thinking as well as my creativity and compassion."
—L.D., therapist

"Excellent!  Fun!  I ended up with much more than I expected—rather than just learning about mediation, it was a good lesson in how people think and behave."
—T.H., attorney (civil litigation)

"Excellent.  Opened up new horizons in an area I thought I understood."
—W.V.R.S., attorney (civil litigation)

"This is the course I wish I could have taken when I was starting out.
Well rounded.  Very practical.  Covers all the bases well."
—V.H., attorney

"By far the best CLE course I have taken.  Exceeded my expectations."
—R.D., attorney

"Teresa has a great teaching talent that very few instructors have.""
—G.S., engineer

"Outstanding.  Where there are walls, Teresa makes windows."
—N.A., Ph.D.

To register for an upcoming Comprehensive Mediation Training course
(for a 40-hour Certificate of Completion)
or for the Advanced Mediation Training course,
go to our Registration page.

For information on Mediation and Conflict-Management Services,
refer to our Mediation Services page.

Available on DVD
Moving through Conflict:  An Introduction to Mediation
with Teresa V. Carey
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