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"Exceptional.  This is the course with depth, breadth, and substance.  Your accomplishment, skill, ability to teach, and generosity to people you are teaching are exceptional." . . . "Where there are walls, Teresa makes windows."
—Nancy Angelo, Manager, Organizational Capability, Blue Shield of California

"Excellent.  This course met all my expectations and more!"
—Jerry Ackeret, attorney, complex business transactions and litigation; former prosecutor

"The course was great.  The instructors and materials kept me alert and thoughtful.  I'm very pleased I took your very helpful course.  This will be a basis for my own growth as a person and a mediator."
—M. James Schwartz, trial lawyer

"By far, the best CLE course I've attended.  Exceeded my expectations."
—Robert Dorsey, attorney, probate and civil litigation

"Excellent balance of lecture, discussion, and role playing to enhance and reinforce key learning points."
—Dave Green, Ph.D., former Senior Technology Manager, Chevron

"Excellent.  I ended up with much more than I expected—rather than just learning about mediation, it was a good lesson on how people think and behave."
—Todd Hedin, attorney, civil litigation and commercial law

"A comprehensive introduction to mediation and the mediation process.  Role-plays based on actual cases helped put the skills learned during the training into practice.  The course truly prepared me to better represent my clients in mediation, as well as to prepare me to be an effective and successful mediator."
—Mary McLain, attorney; President-Elect, Marin County Bar Association; formerly insurance-defense litigation

"Excellent, informative, highly interactive, and encouraging.  It's great that you share what's different and what's common about your approaches."
—Colin Close, water-conservation representative, City of Santa Rosa

"Excellent.  Very enlightening and broadening.  Opened up new horizons in an area I thought I understood.  Role playing was very interactive and helpful.  A must!"
—Wayne V. R. Smith, attorney, real estate, construction contracts, and civil litigation

"This training gave me concrete tools to use in any conflict situation.  It challenged me to use my intelligence and strategic thinking as well as my creativity and compassion."
—Laina Dicker, therapist and workshop leader

"Excellent.  You're gifted teachers and obviously very good mediators."
—Jesse Kinney, psychotherapist; USF law student

"Very informative.  Thanks for all the information on networking.  I'm excited."
—Mary Ann Little, JFK Organizational Psychology Masters Program

"This is one of the best-run, most fun, most valuable courses I have ever taken."
—Todd Ourston, technology consultant

"Training was thorough and collaborative.  The best thing about the process was learning to find paths to resolution that are not necessarily based on law."
—Nicholas R. Van Male, attorney, Chair, Litigation Department, Gaw, Van Male, Smith, Myers & Miroglio—Todd Ourston, technology consultant

"This course helped me understand what we can/cannot do as mediators and gave me new insights into effective mediation.  It helped me become a better mediator and a better advocate in mediation."
—Matthew White, attorney, plaintiff's personal-injury litigation

"Actually, the course exceeded what I expected from the promotional materials.  Everything was relevant."
—M. Elizabeth (Betsy) McDaniel, attorney

"Great.  It was all very well done. . . ."
—Rafael Espericueta, Professor of Mathematics, Bakersfield College

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