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Workplace Disputes—
The Best Way to Achieve Lasting Solutions

Mediation is the best way of solving workplace disputes.  By "best" we mean the least expensive, fastest, most effective, most satisfactory, most lasting solutions.  We at Professional Mediation Associates offer mediation support to management and HR in dealing with a variety of workplace issues:

  Day-to-day workplace relations     Sexual harassment
  Terminations     Wage and hour disputes
  ADA disability issues     Work-for-hire issues
  Demotions and transfers     Confidentiality and nondisclosure
  Performance issues     Trade-secret issues
  Disciplinary policies     Union issues and representatives
  Retaliation claims     Contract and benefits issues

We offer a prompt-response Conflict-Resolution Service for businesses that want the convenience and efficiency of using an outside service to resolve workplace issues. Proven professional mediators handle all details of resolving individual disputes.

We also offer Conflict-Management Training for those who want the capability of dealing with workplace disputes in-house.  Professional Mediation Associates designs programs for management and HR, based on the needs and character of your particular company.

Our goal is to address and resolve workplace issues early on, before they escalate into more-serious problems, complaints to government agencies, or costly legal actions.

Mediation works.  Mediation involves confidential conversations between employer and employee, or between employees, with the help of an impartial mediator who is skilled in communication and conflict resolution.
    Properly used, mediation achieves effective agreements, as proved in our work with the EEOC, the Department of Fair Employment & Housing, and the U.S. Postal Service.
    The flexibility and direct nature of mediation allow us to focus on the key issues and the unique personalities, needs, and interests of both employer and employee.  A combination of skillful communication, practical problem solving, and insight develops mutual understanding and closure on sensitive issues.
    Mediation does not require legal representation for either employer or employee, and the parties retain control of the outcome.
    And mediation improves employee job satisfaction, morale, and productivity.  It enhances your reputation as an innovative, responsive employer.

Who we are.  Professional Mediation Associates is an affiliation of leading conflict-resolution professionals with education and work experience in corporoate management, human resources, and law.  For further information, please contact Teresa Carey at

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